Welcome OJ Family We Ship Cars through all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Mission and Vision

OJ Logistics strives to deliver a hassle free experience for all customers.


OJ Logistics main goal is to dominate the Auto Transportation industry within the United States by providing a hassle free experience for our customers.


We exceed customer satisfaction externally and internally by providing advanced solutions as a team to make shipping your car as easy as delivering a pizza.


OJ Logistics core values are deeply ingrained principles that shape our culture and guide our business strategy. They are: Overly Caring, Everyone is a Leader, Honor and Communication Rules The Nation.

Our History

Sean Oliney the Founder and Farron Jones – Co Founder started OJ Logistics in New Orleans, LA. They started off locally right in their backyard shipping for dealerships, Auctions and everyone they could to get the business off the ground. The hard work started paying off 2 years in as they grew and grew to the point where they now serve thousands of dealerships nationwide, auctions, NBA Players, NFL Players, Exotic Car Rental Companies etc.

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