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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked car shipping questions

Everything you need to know about our reliable auto transport services

  • 1 Can I pay with my credit or debit card?

    We accept all major US cards: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discovery. We also use PayPal for those customers with an international credit card. If you have any specific questions regarding the different payment methods, please contact one of our experienced car shipping advisors to discuss how we can help you.

  • 2 Can I pay with PayPal?

    Yes, we accept PayPal payments.

    When you log into your PayPal account the option is offered by PayPal in accordance with their Terms & Conditions. You must have a valid registered credit or debit card, or a bank account linked to your PayPal account.

    To send a payment with PayPal follow these steps:

    • Log into your PayPal account.
    • Click Send and Request on the page.
    • Select a payment type.
    • Enter the recipient’s email address and the amount which has to be paid.
    • Once you’ve reviewed the details click Continue, review your payment one more time and finally click Send Money.

    If you have any questions regarding PayPal payments you can either contact PayPal support or one of our experienced car shipping advisors via phone at 800-716-1623 or Live Chat to help you.

    Typically, an open car transport carrier will offer cargo insurance coverage between $100,000 and $150,000. An enclosed auto transport carrier will offer cargo insurance coverage between $250,000 and $3,000,000. We can provide all carrier’s certificates of insurance upon request.

    Things are slightly different for Hawaii vehicle shipments as they are subject to the ocean freight liner’s insurance limitations. Our shipping advisors will be able to give you more details.

  • 3 Can I pay with an international credit card?

    We do not accept standard magnetic strip credit cards because US merchants may consider them unsafe and outdated due to the liability of fraudulent transactions. However, you can use PayPal.

  • 4 How do I pay for my car transport?

    We offer 1 payment option:

    • Discounted Cash Price: a small partial payment will be collected from your credit or debit card once we’ve booked your order. From there we will assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle. The balance is due at the time of delivery. You can pay by cash, a cashier’s check or money order directly to the driver.
  • 5 Do I have to pay the carrier if I am not fully satisfied with the auto transport service?

    Yes. It is specified in Federal Law that a carrier must be paid in full for services rendered. If you withhold the carrier’s payment partially or in full, they can legally hold the vehicle, until all applicable fees are paid.

    Our recommendation in such rare cases is to first contact one of our experienced car shipping advisors via phone at (800-716-1623 or via Live Chat and discuss the situation. In such cases, we are able to offer you a discount on a future shipment.

  • 6 How do I pay the carrier at delivery?

    If you have chosen the Discounted Cash Price, you will pay the balance at the time of delivery via cash, a cashier’s check or a money order. You’ll need to make the cashier’s check, cash app/zelle or money order payable to the carrier that we have dispatched your order to. Please confirm all payment details with a shipping advisor prior to delivery.

  • 7 Are there any hidden costs or charges in your price?

    No, our prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or charges.

  • 8 What is your cancellation policy?

    Our prices include all taxes, toll fees, full insurance, and all other freight shipping costs. The price you get from us is the price you will pay for your car shipment.

    You can cancel your order without any penalties at any time before we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle(s). We understand that plans may change so you can also cancel after we assign a carrier, however, any deposit taken would be considered non-refundable. Our services are considered rendered once we have dispatched a carrier for your order. In this case, you may apply your deposit within the next 6 months if you plan to ship a car again. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible via phone at 800-716-1623 or Live Chat.

  • 9 What is your refund policy?

    There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your order before we assign a carrier to ship your vehicle. If you cancel your order after we assign a carrier to ship your vehicle, we will keep the deposit taken as we consider our services as rendered. Please contact one of our

    experienced car shipping advisors via phone at (800-716-1623 or Live Chat if you have any additional questions regarding our refund policy.

  • 10 Can I ship personal items in my car?

    Yes, you can have up to 100 lbs in the trunk/cargo area of the vehicle .Items must be contained to a single box or suitcase and must be put in the trunk.

  • 11 Are my personal items insured?

    No, personal items loaded are not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

  • 12 Can I ship my furniture in my car?

    We are not licensed to transport any furniture. We can ship only your vehicle and some specific personal items. The best way to transport your furniture is to find a separate reliable moving company to do this for you.

  • 13 Is my vehicle fully insured during car transport?

    Yes, your vehicle is fully insured from the time of pick up to the time of delivery. Our company always pre-screens the carrier to ensure they have met all of the insurance requirements per the Department of Transport (DOT) regulations. How much your vehicle will be insured for depends on the type of trailer, the company and the cost of the vehicle. Usually, open car carriers have cargo insurance coverage between $100,000 and $150,000. Enclosed transport carriers offer cargo insurance between $250,000 and $3,000,000. We can provide you with the carrier’s certificate of insurance upon request.

  • 14 What do I do if my car is damaged during car transport?

    Although rare, there is a procedure that we suggest you follow. Upon delivery, inspect the vehicle and if there are any damages, please:

    • Note damages on the Bill of Lading (BOL);
    • Make sure that you receive a copy of the delivery BOL from the carrier;
    • Take detailed pictures of the vehicle and the damaged areas;
    • Contact us at 800-716-1623 to request the carrier’s Certificate of Insurance (COI);
  • 15 Do I have to pay a deductible?

    No, the deductible on the carrier’s certificate of insurance does not apply to you. Please note, the monetary amount of the damages must be greater than or equal to the carrier’s deductible amount in order for a claim to be processed by the carriers insurance company.

  • 16 What if there is damage to my car caused by my personal items?

    Any damage caused by personal items would not be covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance policy. You ship personal items at your own risk. If you are shipping personal belongings, we strongly recommend that you properly pack and secure the items inside the trunk or the rear cargo area of the vehicle. This will significantly minimize the risk of damage to your car.

  • 17 Can you guarantee a pick-up date?

    Yes, we’re able to offer a guaranteed pick-up service. If you need to make a specific arrangement to ship your vehicle, or last minute shipment, we are able to help you out but keep in mind the following:

    • The price might be different due to the urgency of the order;
    • We can guarantee pick-up dates between Monday to Friday;
    • Guaranteed pick-up is mainly applicable for open car transport. However, in some rare cases we can arrange a guaranteed pick-up for enclosed auto transport;
    • We highly recommend you book your guaranteed pick-up as far in advance as possible
  • 18 How do I know my pick-up date and time?

    We will provide you with the pick-up details as soon as a carrier has been assigned to your order. Upon dispatch, you will receive a call from our representative to inform you about the estimated pickup and delivery dates. We will also provide you with the carriers name and phone number. Additionally, you will receive our dispatch notification email in your inbox containing all the information as well. You can coordinate the exact time frame with the carrier directly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our dedicated Status Update Team at 800-716-1623.

  • 19 Can I change my First Available Pick-up Date?

    Yes, you can change your First Available Pick-up Date via phone at 800-716-1623, Live Chat or email before or after booking. If you want to change your First Available Pick-up Date before booking, simply generate a new quote with your desired pick-up date. If you want to change your First Available Pick-up Date after booking, you’ll have to contact us directly. However, if you change your First Available Pick-up Date after a carrier is assigned, your deposit would be considered non-refundable if the assigned carrier cannot accommodate the change.

  • 20 Do I need to drop off or pick up my vehicle anywhere?

    All our services are door-to-door transport. This means that we will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close as possible to your desired location. You may be asked to meet at an alternate location if either the pickup or delivery location is not accessible to a large commercial truck/trailer.

  • 21 What is top load placement?

    A typical auto transport trailer has 2 levels (decks). Top load is when your vehicle is loaded on the second level for extra protection. You’ll need to let us know prior to scheduling a carrier if you would like this service. Top load placement will protect your vehicle from small rock chips, dust and potential oil leaks. This is an add on service so please let one of our shipping advisors know if you are interested in this.

  • 22 What is the difference between open and enclosed auto transport?

    Open car transport means that your vehicle will be outdoors and exposed to the elements during transit. This is the most common and economical way to ship your vehicle. Enclosed auto transport adds a layer of safety and ensures your vehicle is protected on all 4 sides. It normally costs about 30%-40% more than open car transport. We recommend you take advantage of our enclosed auto transport services if you are shipping a classic, luxury, vintage, sport or antique vehicle. If your vehicle has less than 4 inch ground clearance we also recommend you use enclosed auto transport for its safety.

  • 23 Can I ship a car from an auto auction?

    Yes, we offer car shipping from auto auctions. We can ship vehicles from all major auto auctions in the U.S. including: Copart, IAA, Car Dealers, Manheim, Brashers, Mecum and even shipping ports.

    In order to ship a car from an auto auction, you must be aware of the following:

    • Shipping a car from a Copart You need to provide us with the buyer number and lot number. Keep in mind they are closed during the weekend.
    • Shipping a car from IAA You need to provide us with the buyer number and stock number. Keep in mind they are closed during the weekend.
    • Shipping a car from Car Dealers – You’ll need to provide us with the VIN number and the name of the sales rep you purchased the car from.
    • Shipping a car from Manheim – You’ll need to provide us with the Gate Pass (usually under the dealership’s name) and the last 6 digits of the VIN number.
    • Shipping a car from/to Ports – You’ll need to provide the port working hours, dock receipt, title and any required paperwork. If the vehicle is inoperable, please check with the port if they’re accepting non-running vehicles.
  • 24 Can I ship a car from a storage facility?

    Yes, we offer car shipping from storage facilities. Please keep in mind that the vehicle will need to be brought out to an accessible location if the storage facility does not permit large commercial trucks and trailers.

  • 25 Is your service door-to-door?

    Yes, all our services are door-to-door transport. We can pick up and deliver your vehicle as close as legally possible to your home but the locations must be accessible for large commercial vehicles. You may be asked to meet at an alternate location due to truck restrictions, such as: low hanging trees, low hanging power lines, narrow streets or general city restrictions that prohibit large commercial vehicles on residential streets.

  • 26 How long is my quote valid for?

    Our Quotes are valid for 7 calendar days but you can update your quote or get a new one at any time.

    Please, keep in mind that this is a very dynamic market and rates change on a weekly basis. This is why we cannot provide a quote that is valid for longer than 7 calendar days. We believe in fair pricing and want to give you the most accurate price.

  • 27 Does the shipping cost depend on the value of the vehicle?

    No. The value of your vehicle does not affect your car shipping rate in any way.

    No matter how expensive your vehicle, the cost does not change. The factors that affect the price of car shipping transport are: distance, dimensions of the vehicle, type of transport (open car transport/enclosed auto transport), condition of the vehicle (running/non-running), seasonal fluctuations, and some additional factors such as extra vehicle modifications, whether the car shipping service is express, guaranteed pick-up date, extra personal items, etc.

  • 28 Is there a discount for shipping multiple vehicles?

    Yes, you can get a discount for shipping multiple vehicles. Find out the price by Calling 800-716-1623

  • 29 Do I have to be present when my car is picked up or delivered?

    No, it’s not necessary. You can appoint a representative who is at least 18 years old. They just need the keys and must complete the Bill of Lading with the carrier. It can be a family member, friend or anyone that you trust. We highly recommend that you provide your representative with all the necessary information about the shipment as well as the OJ LOGISTICS phone number 800-716-1623. Don’t forget the keys! Don’t worry if you can’t find anyone that will be available for the pickup. You can secure the keys inside the vehicle and let us know so that the carrier can take pictures of the vehicle, sign the BOL and load the car onto the trailer.

  • 30 How much gas should I leave in my car?

    It is best to leave ¼ tank of fuel or less in the vehicle due to weight restrictions.

  • 31 What should I do to prepare my vehicle for transport?

    In order to prepare your vehicle for transport we recommend you:

    • Disable all alarm systems installed in the vehicle;
    • Remove all loose parts;
    • Secure or remove all fragile accessories;
    • Secure or remove all attached accessories;
    • Wash your vehicle so that you can properly do the condition report when the driver picks up your vehicle and fill out the BOL;
    • Remove your toll transponder, if any;
    • If your service is standard make sure you don’t have more than 100 lbs of personal items in your car;
    • Make sure you provide the carrier with a set of keys.
  • 32 Do I need a vehicle title or registration to ship my vehicle?

    No, our company does not require any paperwork from your side. All we need is a signed shipping contract, the keys to the vehicle and someone at least 18 years old to sign the BOL after the inspection of the vehicle.

  • 33 What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)?

    The Bill of Lading (BOL), also called the “Condition Report”, is a required document that serves as receipt of freight service. You will be given this document by the carrier who picks up your vehicle. The information regarding your shipment will be pre-filled by the transport company. You’ll need to inspect your vehicle and mark any visible damages with the carrier at the time of pickup as well as at the time of delivery.

  • 34 Can I get a quote if I don’t know the exact address?

    Yes, you can get a free, instant quote from our website.

  • 35 Will the carrier contact me regarding the pick-up?

    Yes, the carrier will contact you prior to the pick-up of your vehicle. All our carriers are instructed to provide you with a few hours notice.

  • 36 What type of truck will transport my car?

    There are many different types of auto transport trucks that are used in car shipping. Your vehicle will be shipped via a multi-car open or enclosed auto trailer based on the service that you have selected. The car shipping trailer can be with one or two decks. If you choose enclosed auto transport, it can be a soft-sided trailer with extended ramps or a hard-sided trailer with a liftgate.

  • 37 Can I ship a car that doesn’t run?

    Yes, we are able to ship cars that don’t run, however, the following should be considered:

    • All four tires must be attached to the chassis;
    • The vehicle must be able to roll, brake and steer;
    • Location must be accessible for large commercial vehicles or you’ll have to tow the vehicle to a nearby large parking area or wide street;
    • The car must be unlocked, put in neutral gear or the keys must be present;

    If you can’t meet the above conditions you’ll need to arrange a forklift at both ends for loading and unloading of the vehicle.

  • 38 Can I ship a vehicle with low ground clearance?

    Yes, depending on how much ground clearance there is. The minimum amount of ground clearance allowed is 4″ to safely ship on an open car transport trailer. If the ground clearance is less than 4″, we recommend that you use enclosed auto transport. If there is an additional spoiler attached, you’ll need to remove it prior to the pick-up and put it back after you’ve received your vehicle.

  • 39 Can I ship a motorcycle?

    Yes, we offer motorcycle shipping. To get a quote for a motorcycle shipment, please contact us via phone at 800-716-1623 or Live Chat. Please, keep in mind that we highly recommend you use enclosed transport for motorcycles. If you are shipping multiple motorcycles, discounts might apply. For more information about motorcycle shipping, please, contact our experienced car shipping advisors.

  • 40 Can I ship a golf cart?

    Yes, we offer golf cart shipping. To get a quote, please contact us via phone at 800-716-1623 or Live Chat. In most cases, we ship golf carts with an enclosed auto

    transport trailer. However, it is possible to ship it with an open car transport trailer which will be 30%-40% cheaper. For more information about golf cart shipping, please contact our experienced car shipping advisors.

  • 41 Can I ship a vehicle with a lift kit and oversized tires?

    Yes, we can ship modified vehicles. In order to provide you with a more accurate quote we need to know the exact dimensions of the vehicle and have an actual picture. Our instant rates are for non-modified, stock models.

  • 42 How can I track my vehicle while in transit?

    We have a dedicated status update department that follows up with carriers on a daily basis. You can contact our dedicated Status Update Team by phone at 800-716-1623.

  • 43 What is the difference between a Carrier and a Broker?

    A Carrier is the company that physically transports the vehicle and usually has dedicated routes. A Broker is a company that arranges the vehicle shipment by verifying and prescreening the carriers that will be completing the shipment.

    The broker can offer a better rate because the broker works with a large pool of carriers. Brokers make sure that the carrier selected has the proper operating authority and insurance requirements.

  • 44 What is an operable and inoperable vehicle?

    Operable vehicles are those that are able to start, run and move under their own power onto the trailer. Inoperable vehicles do not run and need to be winched to/from the trailer if loading/unloading equipment is not available. If your vehicle cannot be winched, you’ll need to arrange a fork lift on both ends.

  • 45 Can I place an order if I don’t know the exact address?

    Yes, we can create the order as long as you know your shipping city and/or ZIP code. Please contact us as soon as possible to update the pickup or delivery locations so that the carrier has accurate information.

  • 46 What does First Available Pick-up Date mean?

    The First Available Pick-up Date is the date when your vehicle is ready to be picked up. Once we have a carrier assigned for your shipment we will specify the exact shipping date of your shipment.

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