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What is open auto transport?

Open auto transport is the most common type of car shipping service. Open transport car shipping is easier to arrange than enclosed car shipping. Because open trailer car carriers can carry an average of 8-10 cars at once, open car transport is also more cost-effective than enclosed.

Speedy service

Open car transport is the fastest way to ship your car. Over 90% of truckers operate an open road auto transport trailer, which means there are more options to pick up your car.

The Most affordable option

Most people are just looking for the best overall option when shipping a car. Some people, mostly classic car owners, prefer to ship enclosed. But if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, open auto transport is the way to go.

Topload available

With open vehicle transport, you can add the top load preference for a little extra. This means no vehicle would be loaded above yours during the open car shipping process.

Used by most car dealerships

Dealerships almost always use open auto transport when they send cars from one location to another. We work with some of the largest dealers in the country and often haul brand new vehicles for them using open auto transport.

Why choose OJ Logistics for open car shipping?

Incredible customer service

Our representatives are always friendly and helpful. They will make sure that you have an excellent experience from start to finish. Along with a laugh or two

No upfront payment

As mentioned above, most auto transport companies (the ones you want to book with, at least) charge you once the carrier has been dispatched for your order. This means you’ll be able to book your open auto transport now and worry about the bill later.

Best prices

OJ always offers the best car shipping prices possible. Our smart online calculator determines all factors to get you the fairest and accurate open car transport cost as possible.

The OJ network of carriers

All of our carriers are chosen because of their dedication to high quality service standards. This allows us to find the best quality carriers to ship a car very quickly and safely.

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